A Useful Phrase for Managing Passionate Conflict

Managing conflict is even more difficult when neither party is wrong.

Imagine two event managers–one with 20 years of experience, the other a few years out of college. Each with his own idea for how to work on a common problem. 

You bring these two employees together to discuss the issue and quickly identify that while each is passionate, their perspectives differ greatly.

Now is the time to pull a key phrase from your arsenal: “Isn’t it great that…”

  • “Isn’t it great that…you both have ideas for how we can resolve this issue.”
  • “Isn’t it great that…we have differing perspectives on this team.”
  • “Isn’t it great that…we can work on this together to find the best solution.”

This is a powerful phrase for managing conflict.

Assume positive intent, and turn the negative into a positive. 


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